The Marketplace for concept stores and independant brands dedicated to the children’s universe


Constant stress, daily life, lack of  time… Today we tend to experience the pleasure of shopping on the web. Looking for a liberty romper for your beatiful baby girl,  a camouflage jumpsuit for your adorable baby boy,  a birth gift for a friend’s baby, the must-have dress of the moment for your lovely daughter that will make jealous all of the other mums, the jacket that will make the girl’s head spin for your handsome boy ?  Thanks to mylildressing the world comes to your living room  and you can hunt  around for trends in parisian, brussels and london shops in the soothing microcosm of your couch ;-)

Children live in a beautiful rose-tinted world of their own and just like women’s or men’s fashion, they have their own references and designers. Brands have started creating their own concepts : bodysuits, bootees, comforters, and even stretch pants for babies ; hoodies, jumpers, dresses, slim pants and accessories for kids. The children are an inexhaustible source of creation : anything is possible !! We aim to highlight a selection of independent high-end designers and shops with a fascinating story and different cultures.

Mylildressing’s marketplace brings together independent shops and young brands from all over the world specialised in the children’s universe : stylish or casual trousers, t-shirt, shirt, sweater or jumper, we mix classic, streetwear, or modern looks to find the perfect piece of clothing for any situation. Accessories, jewelery, toys… you will just love the colours, details, natural or technical materials and we support with joy a sense of ecological responsibility :-)

Mylildressing, the fashion specialist for girl’s and boy’s, will become a place for discovery,  a walk that will meet your needs and more!! It will be filled with ideas, services and surprices !!

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