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Anaïs & I

Right after she gave birth to her daughter Anais, Jane Dhaene felt the strong desire to create baby clothes. So that is when it all started. As an architect, she knew nothing about clothes design and knitting. However, as it became a real passion, she enrolled for a few evening classes in New Yorks clothing quarter. After five lessons, she realized she was not going as fast as she wanted to (all she could do was a skirt), so she stopped going, and instead she bought books and started knitting several dresses a day. When Anais was seven, her wardrobe was full of clothes, so Jane sold them on a garage sale day organized in the neighbourhood. People asked her where she had found her kids clothes, and that is how she got her first orders. Then, her friends encouraged her to create her own kids brand, which she called Anais&I, for obvious reasons. By remaining true to her New York influences and a simple aesthetic architecture, and by using quality fabrics and innovative designs, Jane intends to build a bridge between what parents like to see their children wear and what children like wearing. Anais&I offers clothes that make it possible for children to run, jump on a playground, remain seated for piano lessons, or attend special events in the same outfit. This adaptability is a real motto for the brand, which endeavours to create best quality childrens clothes and strongly believes in its products: each item is used, tested, and approved by Janes children, and more particularly by her muse, Anais.

Anaïs & I

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