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The young designer brand BeeeTu, is a kids fashion brand that is inspired by the imaginative world of two little children, Sara and Max. Their mother, a trained graphic designer, transformed these ideas into very fresh, original, funny and splendid designs.

One day, when Sara was 4, so got the idea to stick her toys to her clothes and so the concept « clothing to play with » was born. Max came up with the brand’s name BeeeTu. When Max was 3 years old , he was very impressed by a bleating goat : Beee, Beee, Beee. When he found himself on a safe distance of the goat, he turned around looked madly at the goat and screamed « BeeeTu » and ran away (Tu means You in Spanish) and this is precisely how the clothing is meant to be, funny and gamy with a teasing wink ;-)

The baby and kids clothing are made of very soft jersey cotton with splendid bright colours. The t-shirts have integrated velcro patches where you can attach your toys to. Your kid can create his own look by combining a t-shirt and a toy with a spicy skirt for a girl or some rough pants for a boy :)

Have lot’s of fun with BeeeTu, an exclusive designer brand for baby and kids cloting that stimulates the imagination and creativity of your child !!


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