At mylildressing, customers, the most beautiful children’s shops and young designer kids brands come first. We are convinced that if we work together, we can achieve a lot more in the world of online sales than alone!

That’s why we strongly believe in an online marketplace dedicated to the child’s universe, a place where multi designer brand shops and young designers in kids fashion can sell their new products and stock left from previous seasons.

In short: mylildressing gives the cutest children’s shops and young designer brands hidden in small Belgian villages or trendy Parisian neighbourhoods a chance to be seen online, to be able to sell even more and optimize the customer shopping experience by combining products and services.

Sell your designer kids clothing, children’s shoes, baby slippers and whatever a parent or child could ever dream of on mylildressing and build with us a joint network of customers to whom we can offer the best shipping deadlines and the best prices online.

In short: with mylildressing, the world lays at your feet!

It is a Win-Win concept:

A common network of customers

An extra sales channel without start-up costs – No-cure-no-pay: You only pay for what is sold

            Attractive shipping costs:

           ° Free delivery in 24h in Paris and Hauts-de-Seine with our bike courier service and       

             Free Returns

° Europe and the rest of the world: our bike courier service picks up the goods in the shops for free, the goods are gathered at mylildressing and shipped within 24h in 1 package / Free Returns

Mylildressing is a real customer service with an after sales service 24H/7


You are a shop, a brand or a blogger, we would like to work with you!

Please contact Stéphanie Pradalié

+33 (0)6 77 81 94 51