Which payment methods are accepted by Mildressing?


Mylildressing accepts online payment by debit or credit card: Blue Card, Visa, Mastercard, American Express. Payments by card are always made in euros, even if you are surfing on pages that use other currencies ($, £, or CHF).

Mylildressing also accepts payments via Paypal and bank transfer. These methods allow for you to pay in euros, Swiss francs, pounds sterling, or US dollars.


Are payments by card really secure?

Mylildressing takes security of online payments and data confidentiality very seriously. To this aim, our website uses the SSL (Secure socket layer) secure payment method, which guarantees your bank details are encrypted when they are transmitted on the web.


What are SSL and TLS?

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and TLS (Transport Layer Security) are mechanisms for safely transmitting data. On the web, SSL and TLS are used to:

  • Encrypt and verify the integrity of traffic between the browser and the server
  • Verify the browser is connected to the correct server. In practice, this usually means verifying that the owner of the domain and the owner of the server are the same entity. This helps prevent man-in-the-middle attacks. Without this, there is no guarantee that you’re encrypting traffic to the right recipient

The SSL protocol is both outdated and insecure, and has been replaced by TLS. However, the term “SSL” continues to be colloquially used to refer to a general mechanism for protecting transmitted data.


Your bank details only circulate on the Internet in their encrypted form, which means they are coded to make them completely unreadable. You can see the transmission is encrypted by specific software when you spot a padlock, used as a symbol, in your browser.

The transaction is made via STRIPE.COM, an online payment system, the only one to have the bank details you provided on mylildressing.com when you paid for your order. When you type your card number, you actually transmit your bank details directly to STRIPE, which stores them in its highly secure server. These data do not get through any intermediate server, not even Mylildressing, and they are not stored by our technical provider either.


Are taxes included?

Our prices are inclusive of all taxes for orders to be shipped to the European Union.

For orders with countries of destination outside of Europe, the price does not include taxes. However, all orders are subject to potential customs taxes and fees of the country of destination. Your order may be detained and you might have to pay additional taxes and fees. The fees will have to be paid by the recipient of the package (this also applies to retail stores and wholesale).

Unfortunately, we do not have any control of the amount of fees and we are not able to determine the amount since the customs policies and the importation taxes vary from one country to another.

With provided proof, Mylildressing will proceed the reimbursement of the customs fees in less than 48 hours!

Why has my payment been refused? 

First of all, please check the debit/credit card data and the information provided to Mylildressing (name, first name, etc.) are correct. Then try again. You can also contact your bank to check whether any limit prevents your payment from being authorized.

If you are still having difficulty, please contact Mylildressing’s customer service @contact@mylildressing.com.