Who are we and what is our goal?

We are a French-Belgian couple: Philippe works in fashion, Liesbet is a mummy full of ideas, and we combine our passions thanks to mylildressing. We got this idea after our first daughter was born, Alexa, and we developed it when we had our second daughter, Thaïs.


Mylildressing is an e-concept store that aims to highlight young brands beyond their borders in the children’s world. We are very sensitive to natural materials and qualitative, environmentally friendly manufacturing processes. We love quality, easy-to-use clothes, both for children and parents.


Since we launched our business a few months ago, we have grown even more aware of the fierce competition on the web, but above all, our philosophy has developed even further!! We wish to meet innovative creators eager to start their own business. We endeavour to get as close to creators as possible, and become part of their stories by supporting them in their development, because many talents remain to be discovered, and it is hard for them to make themselves known due to the economic context, the increase in mass-production brands, and the outrageous communication fees needed to be seen.


Whether you are a student, in working life and driven by a creative passion, or a mummy full of ideas, we can be a springboard for you!!


Our new mission as a concept store is to develop an offering free from any intermediates for a transparent production from creator to customer.

We intend to support talents by offering both unique products in the children's world and a continuous renewal. Clothes, accessories, shoes, games, toys, beauty or design products, the treasure hunt is on!!


Since I moved to France in 2005, I have broadened my experience with multiple jobs in the catering trade. I started as a waitress, but through sheer willpower I succeeded in becoming a waiter captain, and then a manager for the first time in 2010. This advancement made me learn perseverance and acquire organization and tidying reflexes. Indeed, the prestigious companies that hired me helped me develop team work skills and the ability to adapt to a group and to different personalities.

I was born in Belgium, more precisely in Flanders, so I could not speak good French when I came to Paris. I had to learn, and now I can speak three languages fluently: Dutch, English, and French. This helped me learn to listen to people and develop communication skills!

In 2012, I became the mother of a little girl, Alexa, and in September 2014, I had another girl, Thaïs. Since being a catering manager is not compatible with my role as a mother, I started trying to organize my personal life better.

And as I was doing some research, I kept my ears and eyes wide open, and started asking myself a lot of questions. Since we live in a metropolis where people only come to live for a short while, and our friends are scattered all over the world, how and what is the best way to offer and receive gifts? Where can we find original and functional products gathered in the same place, and available to all? How can we get organized to waste as little time as possible? Having children prevents us from really being mobile… And while listening to my friends, I found out the web still offered endless possibilities!!

Everything I learnt made me want to embark on my own, ambitious and thrilling adventure: Mylildressing!!!


When I got my Baccalauréat in Economics in 2000 (French high school diploma), one thing was for certain: I wanted to work in a sales area. The digital sector (Toshiba Imaging Systems, key accounts) made me acquire basic competences, and then high-profile ready-to-wear brands helped me develop my ability to listen and learn interpersonal skills.

I have been working for seven years as a sales assistant at Hermès, in Paris. My customers come from all over the world, so they have very different profiles, and I need to show empathy to them. They are also very helpful in developing contacts! Today, I am willing to get involved in our project, Mylildressing, and use my experience to contribute to its success!


After studying interior design for five years, including object design, the study of colours, and concept development, and getting work experience in various agencies, I now work in an agency specialized in retail project management.

Beyond the fact that I acquired technique and organization skills, as well as the ability to manage whole teams of companies belonging to various building trades, my job made me combine creativity and execution. It is this mix that I am very keen to apply to Mylildressing.

The children segment is a fascinating world to explore. It allows for more freedom and flexibility, and one can dare endless combinations, innovative creations, and crazy ideas! These concepts must be adapted to a protective, watchful vision regarding volume handling. Penetrating the world of our children is making them discover life through colours, light, volumes, and movement.

As I analyzed the current offering in children’s furniture, several atmospheres stood out, and I noticed different ways to accompany children’s dreams. Their environment helps them start learning life and blossom. What is better than the intimate, playful ambience of a bedroom to reveal a child’s personality?

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