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Livly Clothing

After giving birth to her premature twins, Liv and Lily, Lisa Carrol started looking for the softest cotton in the world: Pima cotton. She designed her first baby clothing line in 2011, and three years later, she opened her first LIVLY store in Stockholm, Sweden. As her collections quickly developed, she was eventually able to do what she always dreamed of: create a wonderful world for children, with comfortable, stylish clothes! Lisa grew up in a family of designers and dressmakers, so she quickly found her own niche for prints, colours, and patterns. She drew inspiration from Stockholms royal theatre, where she spent most of her young years, and aesthetics gradually became an important aspect of her Livly designs. Livly clothes are made of materials of an exceptional quality, and special attention is paid to details, without ever neglecting one or the other. Whatever you are looking for, every day baby clothes, clothes to go partying, or birth gifts, with Lily, you will always find endless possibilities you will just love.

Livly Clothing

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