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Paade Mode

Linda Raituma chose the word Paade for her brand, because it comes from the word pade (old Lithuanian to designate a childs baptism). Baptism in Lithuania is a crucial moment, because the child is given a (first) name and is welcomed as an equal in the family. This name shows us Paade Mode aims to respect and promote natural beauty, and both highlight the childs personality and his family values. Paade is influenced by the earthy depths of Nordic forests, highlights the importance of slow fashion, and places the emphasis on each childs personality. It has been eight years since the brand started creating powerful collections, where ethical knitting based on natural threads plays a pivotal role. Paade Mode stands out by its exquisite simplicity, its modern, luxurious heritage, its uncluttered looks, and the breath of wind of its natural fabrics. Its collections use elements from the Lithuanian culture. As for production, the brand underlines its organic, ethical approach. Whether from a social or economic standpoint, Paade Mode clothes respect children and are environmentally friendly. They are hand-knitted by artists or local craftsmen, in mums workshops or studios. Beyond respecting values, Paade received the Milk Fashion Design Award for its exceptional F/W 2015 collection.

Paade Mode

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