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Rita Co Rita

Born in Belgium, Rita van Ostayen is not a beginner in the world of fashion. Before she created her brand, Rita co Rita, in 2003, she was trained on the job, first by working for a major Belgian designer for whom she managed both the stock and production, and then by imagining, knitting, and topstitching her sons wardrobes at home. Rita asserts her taste for wool and cotton, but only if they are high quality. As for the rest, she is definitely far from fashion diktats! She never works on predefined themes. She will rather take a box of wool balls, start mixing colours, and try to invent a new technique behind her knitting machine. Or she will grab a material, or even some paper packaging she likes, and an old sweater she found on a flea market that presents an interesting technique, and she will design sophisticated, spontaneous clothes to go with it. Her passion for knitting, her love of the Spanish culture, and her typically Belgian curiosity make her create the perfect blend between Belgian flavours and vibrant colours from Majorca, where she lives and works.

Rita Co Rita

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